David Culver joins CNN as correspondent

Former NBC Washington anchor and reporter David Culver is making his debut today as a CNN international correspondent. The new CNN correspondent left his gig in Washington, DC, in May 2019.

According to sources, he joined CNN in June, but isn’t actually appearing on-air until today, where he is filing a report from CNN International’s London bureau.

When he left NBC Washington, he teased a faraway gig, saying that while he wasn’t at liberty at the time to disclose his new gig, “Storytelling is my passion, and I will continue to do that in places much farther from here.”

Culver graduated from William and Mary college with a degree in Hispanic Studies.

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  1. A cat or a dog is more qualified to be a CNN international correspondent. When facing an tragedy of 39 people passing away in a truck, no investigation, no empathy, no condolence. Just in a rush to use it as tool to attack China. What kind of ignorant cold blooded bitch would do that? Now that victims are proved to be all from another country, how does it feel with this slap in the face? People are better off listening to a dog’s barking than to you.

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