CNN’s Debate Draw did not draw the viewers

Last night on a special edition of Anderson Cooper 360, three CNN anchors drew names out of a box — to see which Democratic presidential candidates would appear on what day in the Detroit Democratic debate, on July 30 and 31, to be moderated by CNN’s Don Lemon, Dana Bash, and Jake Tapper.

The drawers, Brianna Keilar, Victor Blackwell, and Ana Cabrera pulled the names from the box while reciting their most prestigious titles, and then tossed to Wolf Blitzer for a recap of the draw — who in turn tossed to Anderson Cooper to analyze, alongside a panel of CNN talent and contributors: John King, Gloria Borger, David Axelrod, Van Jones, Jess McIntosh, Jennifer Granholm, and David Chalian.

But the ‘draw’ didn’t draw eyeballs.

According to Forbes, the special broadcast “drew 1.031 million total viewers, finishing in third place behind Fox News (Tucker Carlson Tonight had the highest ratings of the night with a total audience of 3.232 million viewers) and MSNBC (1.658 million viewers).”

In the key demo, CNN finished third again with 223,000 viewers, behind MSNBC 239,000 and Fox News 497,000.

2 replies

  1. Simple, We want to see Sanders, Warren,  Harris, and Biden all face to face. The rest can weed themselves out. Beto needs to go win a Senate seat as do some of the rest of the group, while others should be looking at House seats to keep and gain majorities.

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  2. CNN is just so bad these days look at that picture three overpaid grinning ninnies who are supposed to be top tv news talent sitting drawing names out of a box, then passing to a hasbeen anchor to recap the names who then passes to another overpaid anchor to talk to a bunch of nobodies about the draw. Is this really what CNN was supposed to be when it was first visioned?

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