With low ratings, staffers at CNN are “concerned”

According to a new report out today, staffers inside CNN are very concerned about the network’s low ratings. Even with the big news that should have theoretically helped CNN in the ratings (Mueller report, new Democratic candidates), CNN didn’t exactly crush the ratings, lagging behind both FOX News and MSNBC. CNN averaged 541,000 total viewers, the report from FOX News notes, and in primetime, CNN averaged 761,000, well behind FOX and MSNBC in Q2.

A CNN insider said, according to the report, that there was widespread concern about the low-ratings — but not from high end talent like primetime anchors Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo or Don Lemon.

“The people that are concerned – it’s certainly not the anchors who have lucrative contracts – it’s the people among the lower levels, such as producers and show bookers,” the insider said.

Another insider told FOX that CNN “is clearly doing something wrong if the ratings are like this,” before asking, “So why don’t we try something different?”

Cuomo Prime Time is CNN’s most-watched show, averaging 910,000 viewers.

A CNN spokesman declined to comment for the FOX article.

It is worth noting FOX is obviously a competitor with CNN. . . and I’ll leave it at that.

4 replies

  1. Ratings might be higher if the network actually covered news with a team of reporters, rather than 24-hour commentary with a high bias. Give me who, what, when, where, why and how. Don’t give me what a pontificator with a bias thinks. Morning Express on HLN covers more news in 30 minutes than CNN covers in 24 hours. Tell me what the facts ARE. Don’t try to tell me what to think about the facts. Cover many stories and stop trying to go deep on one issue because you don’t want to pay a staff of global reporters. Best example: Don Lemon on MH370 discussing whether the lost airplane was sucked into a black hole. Really?

  2. Yes you have spent the last 3 years talking nothing but Trump you used to be the channel that had reporters around the world in warzones brining people the news now after 3 years people are fed up of the same each hour, same guests sat around a table ranting about the same Donald Trump stories. Time for CNN to go back to being a news channel not a gossip channel.

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