CNN urges digital staffers to emulate Fox News in some ways

Fox News is the ratings leader on cable news. But now, reports The Daily Beast, CNN is urging some of its digital team to begin to emulate Fox News’ digital reporting.

CNN’s “audience development team has begun highlighting the top daily stories people are searching for online in a widely seen company Slack messaging channel. The network has begun placing small fox emojis next to stories the right-leaning cable outlet covered online that CNN missed,” according to the report.

But they don’t do the same for MSNBC or others, according to the Daily Beast’s sources. “No other competing news outlet has gotten the same explicit highlighting—-a suggestion that network bosses occasionally want CNN to notice or emulate some of Fox’s successful online stories.” The stories flagged tended to be tabloid stories or stories made to enrage Fox’s conservative base, per the report.

In May, CNN touted it had 28 million unique visitors more than Fox News.

“Fox News has begun touting a digital growth story while publicly and aggressively targeting CNN so naturally we’re reviewing their editorial focus to assess what might be generating increased interest in their site,” spokesman Matt Dornic told the Daily Beast.

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