CNN’s Dianne Gallagher talks about her miscarriage

CNN national correspondent Dianne Gallagher tweeted out about her miscarriage that she had last week. Gallagher is based out of CNN’s Atlanta headquarters.

In a Twitter thread, the correspondent revealed, “Last week, I had a miscarriage. I didn’t plan on publicly discussing the loss of our twins… but the silence & lack of “real” information surrounding losing a pregnancy made me feel isolated, exacerbating one of the most physically & emotionally excruciating times of my life.”

She went on to say, “Physically, it’s a LONG process(not always *over* when it ends). Emotionally, my husband & I kinda feel like we’re in uncharted waters- which is weird b/c ~20% pregnancies end in miscarriage. I think I’d feel less alone if talking about something so “common” was, well, more common.

“I’m still experiencing the physical aftermath (yep. A week later, still bleeding. Had no idea how drawn out a miscarriage can be) but choosing to speak even a little, to be open about losing our twins feels like a good step for now.”

Gallagher ended with, “I don’t know what the next step is…that’s ok.”

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