NewsStream replaced by CNN Newsroom with Max Foster

CNN has replaced News Stream with Kristi Lu Stout with CNN Newsroom anchored by Max Foster. CNN’s final Hong Kong program ended on Friday.

Foster teased the news of his new show, which debuted today, on Twitter earlier this morning. “What you need to know about what’s going in the world, whether you’re having breakfast / lunch / dinner…”

On Friday, the final edition of his show CNN Talk aired.

CNN announced the cancelation of CNN Talk and News Stream a few months ago as part of a cost-saving reduction due to the loss of revenue coming from CNN International.

2 replies

  1. They replace an excellent show run by a veteran journalist with a show that is run by someone who spends his time chasing the royals. Makes a whole lot of sense, CNNi. Pretty soon beauty-show contestant Robin Meade will be president of CNNi.

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