In accepting Fred Dressler Leadership Award Award, CNN chief Jeff Zucker says “The truth is under assault; We are certainly not the enemy of the people.”

Thursday in New York, WarnerMedia news chairman Jeff Zucker was honored with the Fred Dressler Leadership Award at the annual Mirror Awards ceremony, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Some of Zucker’s talent put together a tribute video, honoring their CNN boss.

“I said to him one time, ‘You are the only boss I’ve had who is ballsier than I am,’ and I really meant it,” The Lead anchor and Chief Washington correspondent Jake Tapper said of Zucker.

Chris Cuomo agreed: “He completely changed CNN.” He also ribbed him, saying, “One of his best skills is the ability to not seem as short as he actually is.”

Nodding to Zucker’s past comments about maybe seeking political office, Discovery CEO David Zaslav said, “The more awards he can get before his mayoral campaign, the better.”

“I’ve had this most blessed career, but none of it compares to the work we are doing right now at CNN,” Zucker said. “Sadly, the truth is under assault,” he said. “The press is under attack from the most powerful people in the world, and that is wrong and it is dangerous. These are the times that call for leadership. I am proud to stand up for the truth, I am proud to stand up for the free press. We are certainly not the enemy of the people.”

Zucker also apparently stepped in it when talking to New Day host Alisyn Camerota, who emceed the event. “I was gonna say that I love waking up WITH YOU every morning, but I want to say that I love waking up TO YOU every morning.” THR’s Jeremy Barr reports there were groans in the room when he made that remark.

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