Chris Cuomo’s Inside Evil returns for season 3 on HLN

Inside Evil with Chris Cuomo returns to HLN on Sunday, June 30 at 9pm ET, the network announced.

The show returns with the two-hour season 3 premiere featuring CNN anchor Chris Cuomo’s exclusive final interview with convicted serial killer Andrew Urdiales. Cuomo speaks with Urdiales on the day he’s being sent to death row and tries to understand why this madman chose to kill multiple women in cold blood. Was he insane? Did he hate women? Were there clues in his childhood?

Over five one-hour episodes, Cuomo investigates how nature versus nurture shaped Urdiales and led some of America’s most dangerous criminals down deadly paths of destruction. Speaking at length with the killers, the victims who experienced the violence, detectives, scientists and experts who have studied the cases, Cuomo seeks out the science and psychology of evil.

Inside Evil with Chris Cuomo is part of HLN’s original series slate of true crime, mysteries and investigations. The internally developed programming under the direction of CNN Original Series will follow new episodes of season four of Death Row Stories. The eight-part series premiered on June 2 and airs Sundays at 8pm ET.

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