CNN yanks its successful Anderson Cooper show from Facebook Watch

Full Circle debuted on Facebook Watch almost a year ago — and it was a hit.

So today, CNN announced it is pulling the Anderson Cooper-fronted show from the Facebook service and relocating it to its own digital properties, beginning in September. It averaged 2 million people, according to CNN, and “we know it will perform well on our platforms too,” Andrew Morse, executive VP and GM of CNN Digital Worldwide, wrote in a memo to staff that was obtained by Variety.

“Shifting Anderson Cooper Full Circle to our own properties is a significant step in our streaming strategy,” Morse wrote in the memo. “This is not a trial. It’s the beginning of something. We waited for the right program to come along to stream on our owned platforms, and now we’ve found it.”

“We learned a number of things in the first year of the show,” Morse continued. “We saw patterns in stories that resonated and observed how our audience wants to consume this mobile-first streaming content. Most important, we learned that the show’s real special sauce was the audience’s trust in Anderson and our CNN correspondents in the field.”

In its place, CNN will put Go There on Facebook Watch, a single topic daily news show built for the next generation of news junkies. This will feature CNN’s most recognizable talent and cover important topics like race and identity and highlight distinctive commentary.

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