Andrew Stevens returns to freelance with CNN

Longtime CNN correspondent and anchor Andrew Stevens has been popping back up in recent days covering the Hong Kong protests. Stevens departed from CNN International in 2017; prior to that, he had been with CNN since 1999 in a variety of roles – host, business correspondent, and most recently, Asia Pacific editor.

Back in the Hong Kong hub on a freelance basis, Stevens is covering the protests when Kristie Lu Stout is off air. With the cancelation of Stevens’ show in 2014, that left Stout the only Hong Kong-based anchor — although now News Stream has been canceled by CNN as well in what has been called a “pivot away from Asia.”

1 reply

  1. I wish that he would come back on a permanent basis. This so-called “pivot away from Asia” is a serious mistake in probably the most important region in the world.

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