CNN Turk protesters organize outside CNN Center and CNN NYC over “fake news”

Protesters organized outside the CNN Center in Atlanta and CNN’s Hudson Yards New York City office to protest CNN Turk, reports Bloomberg News, decrying that CNN Turk acts “as a mouthpiece for Erdogan’s AKP government and purposefully spreads false propaganda about opposition parties in Turkey.”

Protesters also organized outside the White House to protest CNN Turk’s relationship with President Erdogan of Turkey.

“It is clear that CNN Turk continues to spread fake news, undermine opposition and subjectively support Erdogan’s government that has nothing to do with journalism,” Yurter Ozcan, a rep of the protesters’ movement, said in an emailed statement to Bloomberg. “We will continue our efforts until CNN revokes its name from its Turkish franchise.”

A spokesperson for CNN said, “CNN Turk is an independent channel, which licenses the CNN brand, but as part of this agreement must also adhere to CNN’s standards. CNN Turk has provided assurances and evidence that they are making every effort to provide balanced coverage of the Turkish elections. We are in regular contact with CNN Turk regarding output and editorial practices.”

CNN Turk declined to comment.

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