Don Lemon clarifies reports he’s leaving CNN: Despite “toxicity,” he has “the best job in television”

CNN anchor Don Lemon caused some stirs when he indicated he wasn’t exactly sure how much longer he would stay with CNN or hosting CNN Tonight.

Initially speaking at a forum hosted by the Financial Times on Thursday, Lemon said, “I don’t know if it’s worth this level of toxicity. I’m 10 years older than when he rode down the escalator in July 2015.”

The Trump era has threatened “my privacy, my safety and security, and the safety and security of my loved ones and my family,” Lemon said, per The Daily Beast.

“I absolutely love what I do… I have the best job in broadcast television.”

Lemon conceded, “I wonder how long I will continue to do this particular job.”

Then on-air, however, Lemon quickly clarified, saying, “I’m not going anywhere. I love being here ever single night… don’t believe the headlines.”

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  1. You should be grateful to have such a wonderful job. You need to stop being so judgmental. Do you want to be called the Honorable Judge Lemon?

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