Fact-checker Daniel Dale joins CNN as a DC reporter

CNN announced it has hired the Toronto Star’s Washington, DC bureau chief, a position he has held for 11 years, the Daily Hive noted. He will serve as a DC-based reporter for CNN; his first day will be June 17.

CNN said in a Twitter statement, “We are excited to welcome Daniel Dale to CNN’s Washington bureau, where he will join as a reporter on the fact-checking beat!”

Dale will be working with CNN “on the truth beat full-time… dissecting dishonesty from Trump, Democratic candidates, and others.”

“For the last three years, I’ve done most of the fact-checking on my ‘own’ time, weekends and nights, while trying to do my actual correspondent job during the day. Now the truth file will be my full-time focus,” said Dale.

“I started fact-checking Trump in September 2016 because I was frustrated that much of the campaign coverage didn’t seem very interested in talking about what was true and not true. This is a great opportunity to get more facts to a US audience this time around.”

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