CNN cancels News Stream in a “pivot away from Asia”

CNN International isn’t done shaking up its schedule just yet. In addition to the news that the network is cutting at least 90 minutes from CNN London and temporarily replacing it with simulcasts from CNN/US, today it was reported that News Stream with Kristie Lu Stout, CNN’s only show anchored by from Hong Kong, was also being axed.

In what BuzzFeed reports insiders call a “pivot away from Asia,” the Hong Kong bureau will contribute no scheduled show to the network’s programming as of August.

“We’re refocusing our resources in Asia on our newsgathering, digital and feature programming operations, as we feel this is the best way to serve our audiences both in the region and around the world,” a CNN spokesperson told BuzzFeed about the show’s cancelation.

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  1. It is truly sickening how CNN has cut the crap out of some good programs and let go one of the most refreshing reporters in its lineup. Letting go of C.L. Stout was one of the dumbest mistakes CNN has made in the last 2-3 years…and they have made many. But, since being bought out a couple of months ago, they seem to want to pull everything back to USA to save money and in the process, not have people to report from certain regions, unless they’re freelancing like the bonehead reporter Andrew Stevens. BTW, replacing Max Foster (who seems to be alright as a reporter) does nothing in comparison to the refreshing and invigorating reporting done by Ms. Stout. I hope this comes back to bite CNN on the butt in the near future. You are cutting off your face to spite your nose…and will lose big for it. It seems that you (CNN) are more and more seeking to compete with Fox News and its type of “reporting” ilk as you keep Donald Lemon, Kate Bouldian, and a few other OVERLY-OPINIONATED reporters in their programs…no longer news, just opinion platform programs. I have been a loyal watcher of CNN for over 30 years and it seems to no longer be what it was…so sad, so sickening.

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