CNN’s move to Hudson Yards a “half-done disaster”?

Some of CNN’s smaller divisions based in New York made the move in early April, with its Newsroom-branded shows moving in early May, CNN Tonight and Erin Burnett OutFront moving the second week of May, and Anderson Cooper 360, New Day, and Cuomo Prime Time all making the move this week.

According to a gossipy piece in the National Enquirer, however, it wasn’t a glamarous move.

“Everything looked half-done and nothing worked when they got there!” one insider said to the Enquirer. “There was no internet. The TVs in the offices didn’t work. There wasn’t even toilet paper in the bathrooms! It was a joke!”

“The place totally isn’t finished! They just weren’t ready for business, at all,” one source told the Enquirer.

“That’s why they didn’t bring over most of the prime-time talent. God forbid Anderson Cooper’s toilet wasn’t ready to flush when he arrives!”

Things are so disorganized, on-air guests have reported getting lost between the lobby and the makeup 
room on the 19th floor, sources told the tabloid.

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