CNN vice president of video and Great Big Story co-founder Chris Berend decamps for NBC

Longtime CNN video senior vice president Chris Berend is leaving the network for NBC News, where he will run their digital operation. Berend was the co-founder of Great Big Story, an independent project of CNN devoted to cinematic storytelling.

“I’m pleased to announce that Chris Berend will be joining us at the beginning of July to help lead us down that path. Chris will be EVP, NBC News Digital, reporting in to Noah. Chris is currently at CNN where he oversees all digital video content, including breaking news, feature content, and original premium series. Prior to his time at CNN, Chris was a digital leader at Bloomberg Media and ESPN, and before that a journalist at Esquire. He has a sharp eye for product, and a fantastic sense of the business and editorial demands of digital news,” NBC honcho Andy Lack said in an internal memo, according to Axios.

Variety reports Great Big Story will continue, led by Courtney Coupe, who will “assume responsibility for the CNN Digital Productions team and our premium and streaming video efforts,” said Andrew Morse, CNN’s executive vice president and gm of CNN Digital Worldwide. Wendy Brundige will continue to head CNN’s global news video team and will take on responsibility for video programming and operations groups for an interim period, he said. Great Big Story, he said, “has the full support of [CNN Worldwide President] Jeff [Zucker], me and everyone at CNN.”

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