Erin Burnett hosts CNN Special Report: The Trump Family Business

As President Trump battles to keep his taxes and other financial documents away from the public eye, CNN’s Erin Burnett launches an investigation to answer the question: How does the President of the United States continue to make money? The network poses in a press release.

In this one-hour CNN Special Report, Burnett explores the many types of businesses the Trump Organization engages in and how the President’s continuing connections to his family empire raise many questions about his separate roles as President and the owner of a sprawling set of companies. The CNN Special Report: The Trump Family Business premieres this Friday, May 17th at 9pm ET.

In the special, Burnett speaks to people who have faced financial losses — from investors in Trump properties, to those who lost money after enrolling in Trump University. In addition, Burnett interviews DC Attorney General Karl Racine who is suing the President, because he believes President Trump is violating the constitution by continuing to take money from foreign governments at his hotels. Burnett also speaks with journalists from the Washington Post, WNYC and ProPublica about their discoveries of how the President still makes money today and how his businesses operate.

3 replies

  1. A mind-boggling, maddening and frightening look at the shyster we have in the White House now…scary as hell! But here’s the problem — the base won’t watch it, the base doesn’t care. The poorly educated have no desire to examine the truth about Don the Con. End of story.

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