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CNN prepares to layoff 300: report

Just as CNN has adjusted to its place inside WarnerMedia, under its new corporate master AT&T, FTVLive today is reporting CNN is preparing to part with 300 staffers. Approximately 100 will be offered a buyout package, per the report, and 200 will simply be pinkslipped.

The changes are anticipated to affect the veterans inside the company, who have long served CNN.

Just earlier this morning, CNN finished the move of almost all its staffers to Hudson Yards from Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle, and some shows have begun broadcasting from there as well.

A source reached out to me to confirm the news, adding that CNN International chief Tony Maddox was among the ones accepting a buyout. “After 21 years I am leaving CNN. It has been the honor of my life to work for, and then lead CNN International. What a privilege to make a living doing such important work with truly outstanding people,” the executive said in an email to colleagues.

More to come…

1 Comment on CNN prepares to layoff 300: report

  1. Let’s hope Wolf Blitzer is on the list

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