CNN doesn’t renew contracts of pro-Trump commentators Andre Bauer or Jack Kingston

CNN has elected to not renew the contracts of reliable pro-Trump commentators, former Republican Congressman Jack Kingston (who joined nearly two years ago) and Andre Bauer, the former lieutenant governor of South Carolina.

Bauer’s deal ended last Friday, and he said he did not ask why the network did not offer him a chance to renew. “I am very thankful for the opportunity CNN gave me,” Bauer said in an email to The Hollywood Reporter. “The silent majority in our country feel like they do not have a voice in politics or the media. I have tried to express many of their feelings and why they supported Donald Trump.”

Even though Kingston is no longer on CNN’s payroll, the report notes he still appeared as recently as Saturday on-air, identified not as a CNN commentator, but as a “former senior adviser to the Trump campaign.”

The Hollywood Reporter also notes the network allowed the contracts of legal analyst Page Pate and Democratic political contributor, former Mayor Michael Nutter (after three years), to expire as well.

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  1. General CULLING should be an regular practice! CNN has staffers that are immediate channel changers such as Chris Celizza, SE Cupp, Rick Santorum and Anna Navaro. I am not speaking of their inteligence or political stand, just their delivery and appeal to the CNN viewer. Keeping the remote handy was never needed before!

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