CNN’s Bill Weir adds show on Discovery channel about the U.S./Mexico border

CNN anchor and special correspondent Bill Weir is adding a new gig to his list, now that The Wonder List has ended: beginning in December, he will host a six-part series on the U.S. and Mexico border, airing on Discovery channel. Weir will host the show out of a studio in New York, while ABC10 Sacramento reporter Lilia Luciano will report live from a different location along the border each week.

The show, Border Live, will begin the first week of December, airing for two hours each Wednesday night.

“There’s so much conversation about what happens” along the border, Luciano said in an interview with CNN Business. “But it’s rare to be able to immerse yourself for a lengthy period of time there.”

Nancy Daniels, the executive in charge of Discovery, said the series “will turn the lens on a group of people who live and work along the border that you wouldn’t otherwise hear from.”

Weir said he is “still loving” his gig at CNN covering breaking news, “chasing great stories and making special hours” for the network, so when Discovery contacted him, “The first thought was ‘thanks kindly, but no.’ But then they described an earnest search for truth and context on the border and we all said yes.”

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