CNN Business debuts Oct. 4

CNNMoney is gone — the brand, and all of the CNN International programs that carried its name.

The brand will be rebooted on October 4 as CNN Business, as I previously reported. The new umbrella will encompass CNN’s media coverage, business, and tech.

In an editor’s note hyping the rebranding, veteran CNN producer Jason Farkas (vice president and general manager, CNN Business) and executive editor Rich Barbieri, wrote:

“CNN Business is the gateway to the future, covering the companies, personalities, and innovations driving business forward.

“This new initiative will focus on the single biggest financial story of our generation: how technology is upending every corner of the global economy, forcing businesses, workers, and society itself to adapt rapidly, or be left behind.

“We will do this by deeply covering the marketplace for innovation, ideas and disruption, and put the strategy, ethics and goals of tech companies under a microscope. Our reporters will bring users exclusive interviews with tech, business and media newsmakers — and lead the way on big ideas in careers, the future of work and markets.”

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