Amanpour & Company debuts quite unlike its first rendition

CNN International’s new lineup was unveiled today, and a part of it was a rebranding of Amanpour., CNN’s iconic global affairs program.

As host Christiane Amanpour explained in an interview to the New York Times, the new program, Christiane & Company, “will be quite different from the previous show.” For one thing, it will also air on PBS.

“We’re more focused on what’s happening right now and conscious of the news. So while we will do cultural and nonpolitical work, we also very much have got our finger on the pulse of what’s going on.”

Amanpour will be joined by a team of contributors on the PBS/CNN show, Michel Martin, Hari Sreenivasan, Alicia Menendez, and Walter Isaacson. Amanpour & Company promises to offer three interview segments in its new hourlong show: two with Amanpour, and one with one of her contributors.

As pictured above, Amanpour was joined in studio by her contributors for the debut episode. Moving forward, she will continue to run the flagship PBS show from CNN’s London bureau, while the contributors will report from New York.

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  1. We love and greatly respect Christiane Amanpour.Just find the extended program too long.Prime-time, 8PM in Finland, is better suited for a wider scope of world events. Not just 2-3 interviews. Miss Wolf Blitzer at 8PM….

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