CNN senior media reporter Dylan Byers departs, heads to NBC

CNN senior reporter on politics and media, Dylan Byers, is departing the network, reports the New York Post. He is heading to NBC News and MSNBC to serve in a similar role.

His title will be NBC News’ senior media correspondent, and he will continue to cover media, technology and entertainment from Los Angeles. He will primarily serve as an on-air talent for NBC News and MSNBC, but will report online as well.

NBC News president Noah Oppenheim said, “The impact of big tech is far-reaching – changing our culture, politics, commerce and much more. Naturally, Dylan will focus on Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Netflix, but he’ll also keep a sharp eye on emerging players.”

Byers, who penned Pacific, CNN’s Silicon Valley and Hollywood-centric newsletter, will produce a similar daily newsletter for NBC and MSNBC.

He joined CNN in 2015. In a tweet announcing his departure, he said, “I’m grateful to [CNN Worldwide president] Jeff Zucker, [ general manager] Andrew Morse & CNN for the last three years.”

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  1. I never totally understood the hire in the first place. But Zucker has never been known for his ability to have good instincts about who might work on camera — overestimating the appeal of hires like Jake Tapper, Kate Bolduan and Bill Weir.

    For the first year or so he seemed a redundant version of Brian Stelter doing ‘politics and media analysis/criticism.”

    Moreover, he had a terrible TV presence with a boring mundane delivery. Sort of like Robert Costa.

    As time went on Dylan was relegated to mostly a writer with very few TV appearnces.

    CNN eventually had not only Stelter, but also Chris Cillizza and Oliver Darcy and of course Dylan — all commenting on and writing about the intersection of media and politics.

    So much overlap — it’s not surprising someone had to go.

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