CNN non-renews Maggie Lake

CNN has decided to not renew the contract of CNN International business anchor Maggie Lake, according to a source. The network already hired her replacement, Bloomberg’s Julia Chatterley; she will begin hosting her new show, First Move, beginning September 10.

Lake has been a longtime fixture on CNN, having been with the network as a business correspondent and host since 2001.

Her show, CNNMoney, will be hosted by a rotating team of New York-based anchors until First Move debuts. So far, Stephanie Sy, Alison Kosik, and Zain Asher have anchored since her departure.

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  1. @alali Jesse Herrera Stroumbouloupoulos she probably wanted a payrise being on the channel for so long and CNN could probably get someone newer for less money or she has said something pro Trump which would be against CNN policy lol

  2. One of the most credible, Knowledgeable,dependable business anchors on International TV…(who doesn’t constantly interrupt as the loveable Richard Quest does all too often). A bad move. Her stand-ins do a passable job but they’re not Maggie. VERY disappointed.

    • You are right about Richard Quest but also don’t forget Becky Anderson…they both grunt and squirm when they want to cut in while a is guest speaking. I personally did not like Maggie that much BUT she knew her stuff and knew what to ask…that I DO RESPECT. CNN has cut some good staff before I and they will continue to do so when money is the issue.

      • I miffed two places in my comment…embarrassing. I almost feel like I deserve an anchor reporter position for Fox News for that. LOL. BTW, Julia Chatterly is the flavor of the season for CNN…let’s see how long that lasts.

  3. Very disappointed that Maggie Lake has left CNN . She is very competent and confident Person .sad For me it is Good-bye cnnmoney!

  4. From Cochin, India: I have stopped watching CNN Money after the departure of Maggie Lake. She knew the subject, presented impeccably, and could make me feel the contours of the business world. Dr. K.J. Jaims

  5. I am really saddened at CNN’s decision not to renew Maggie Lake’s contract. She is a class act and a total pro. She knows her stuff, interviews with a deft touch and invariably asks intelligent questions. To be honest, some of the stand-ins who are filling in are just embarrassing to watch. I cringe at their breathtaking lack of insight. Only Paula Newton and Stephanie Sy seem to know what’s going on around their subject. Oh Maggie I miss you.

  6. You are totally right about Don Lemon, perhaps a good guy but a really bad reporter. I cannot respect any reporter who makes it a habit of putting people in corners and them prodding them to get a response, usually resulting in an aggressive one in nature. Effectively making the guest look bad if they do not agree with Don’s position. Some guests do deserve this, but many do not.

  7. I can’t believe CNN let someone like Maggie Lake go! I loved her show, because of the intriguing combination of skills she possesses. As others have mentioned, Maggie is one of the most knowledgeable business anchors on international TV. But Maggie also went beyond this in her ability to locate business topics within the broader context of world news—and here she had the grasp of a capable news anchor. I ended up watching CNNMoney as a world news show that happened to focus on business topics, rather than as “business news”, and think this added much dimension to the subject. Maggie’s interview style is also worth comment. She treated each guest as if developing a rapport was just as important as the content they were discussing, and was excellent at managing both. Maggie’s thank you at an interview’s end had a genuine appreciation that I couldn’t avoid noticing—probably because it’s so rare on TV these days. CNN what happened here? It will be most difficult to replace Maggie Lake’s combination of skills, so I will join the others who have stopped watching CNN Money!

  8. It’s a crime you let Maggie Lake go , I tuned in every morning, just to see here . She is sooo professional. I will miss here very much , and now watch my financial news on Bloomberg.

  9. WOW! my wife and I are from the Philippines. . .the only reason we watch CNN these last several years is due to MAGGIE LAKE. . she is so spontaneous and competent. . . WHY CNN? I hope this is fake news. . .terribly disappointed!!!!

  10. Huge disappointment to lose Maggie Lake, one of the anchors on CNN focused on the facts of the story, not her opinions. Will greatly miss her incisive questioning and nuanced presentation of the issues. Sayonara CNN

  11. You fire Maggie Lake and hire pretty dingbats like Julia Chatterley! What’s going on here? And you keep the likes of Don Lemmon, Lynda Kinkade and Robyn Curnow.

    • True. But while you are at it, you should also include Becky Anderson, Richard Quest (who are both quite annoying & at times rude), and the World Sport reporter I call “CNN Sports Spice” (I forgot her name).

  12. So saddened by Maggie Lake’s leaving CNN (or rather CNN not renewing her contract). Right now I’m watching the new anchor, Julia Chatterley. A big disappointment – a pretty face without depth.

  13. Woke up for years to watch Maggie start off my day in the financial world, she will be missed all the best for her future, a really nice person always came through

  14. For weeks I tried to find out why I was not seeing Maggie Lake on my favourite programme – CNN Money. How could CNN possibly let her go? She was the best thing you had, folks! She was always composed, pleasant, professional, very knowledgeable about her subject matter and the way she presented it and conducted interviews. This is really a backward move for CNN – please re-think your decision – please! You had one heck of a Caribbean audience in me! Now I watch Bloomberg …

  15. Maggie was and is a pro. She will be missede. Why can’t we find an American replacement instead of some one who has CHEERIE O on the tip of her tongue. Enough with the Brits. let them stay home!!!!!!!!!!

  16. @Jim Howell. I agree that there are A LOT of English and Aussie reporters working for CNN (shall we call it the “Commonwealth News Network”?), that I seldom see native reporters from the USA on the programs…perhaps about 30% or less. Especially since I am an ex-pat who gets CNN International, I get mostly non-American reporters in my news broadcasts. If they are capable and not annoying reporters, I do not mind. But, when you have those such as Becky Anderson, Richard Quest (who butt-in too often or almost have a fit if they cannot speak after a few seconds) or the latest flavor of the month who replaced Maggie Lake, I get VERY tired of the programs and have to turn off my TV at times. But being fair, there are also some local US reporters who are also quite annoying and are not professional in any way. I think Maggie may have lost her job because she was there for a long time, perhaps wanting a pay raise AND/OR the management knowing they may be able to get a lower-costing reporter from England.

  17. CNN made a huge mistake. Maggie knew her stuff and where the bodies were buried. The new Brit is worthless, sorry sweetie , but I am tired of hearing the retreds from London! If I wanted an accent, I would turn to BBC. NOW TO FIND A NEW SOURCE FOR FINANCIAL NEWS!!!!

    • As I wrote earlier in this blog, I was not the biggest fan of Ms. Lake, but I do agree to her abilities and her knowledge. The ditsy smile who spends too much time looking at her iPad while interviewing a guest and not knowing who she is talking with along with acting like she knows things, is too much for me. She is an attempt at eye-candy by CNN, an aesthetic attempt to gain viewers for the program…that will likely fail.

  18. Maggie Lake was a competent, knowledgeable, pleasant and polite business news anchor who did her profession and CNN proud. I watched CNN Money regularly. I have tried to watch Maggie Lake’s glamorous replacement, Julia Chatterley, but have switched off after a few attempts. Maggie Lake will be sorely missed by many like me who have watched CNN since its inception. By the way, I like Rosemary Church, Kristie Lu Stout, Hala Gorani, Natalie Allen, Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo and Richard Quest but am not a fan of Becky Anderson. Last but not least, Christiane Amanpour is a class apart.

  19. Very disappointing. I no longer watch CNN during this time slot. They lost a real pro in Maggie. I can’t stand Julia’s herky-jerky trying-too-hard demeanor. The show is now a shadow of its former self. Bad move, CNN!

  20. Goodness, what were you thinking CNN? Why let the highly knowledgable Maggie Lake go to replace her with Ms Chatterley? I find her impossible to watch. Nothing she tries to convey holds my attention. I’m afraid her constant checking of her iPad makes me think she’s taking instructions. She also seems to like the camera too much, which she too often simpers in to.
    Bring back Maggie Lake. I’m off to watch Bloomberg. Btw, I’m a Brit, so not anti Ms Chatterley because she is.

  21. we’ve stopped watching CNN Business after Maggié’s departure; not a big fan of Julia Chatterly (though it’s not her fault). missing Maggie badly.

  22. I’m not surprised at the outpouring of support for Maggie Lake. Like most of you, I don’t watch the news at that time slot anymore either. Chatterley just doesn’t have the knowledge to carry such a show. In Japan, it’s a prime time show. Now, I only watch Japanese news or BBC. CNN’s losses – one great anchor and yet one more viewer.

  23. I stopped watching CNN money (First Moves) when Maggie Lake left. However, I just happened to come across it while surfing and was super impressed to see Paula Newton in the anchor role. She really is excllent; almost on a level with Maggie and far better than any of the others (with all due respect). You should give her the job!

  24. I totally agree that it was a stupid move by CNN to not renew Maggie!! She was terrific, I always liked her show. . . . and I am someone who generally hates “business news.” I have stopped watching and I switch to BBC when it comes on. In comparison to Maggie, Chatterly comes across as a pretty high school student doing the best she can with stuff she hasn’t a clue about. And why British eye-candy? Are there no Americans qualified for this job? Bad move CNN! Where has Maggie gone . .anyone?

    • Well, sadly enough (perhaps) Chatterly’s insert into the program was meant for the European and Asian market, not the USA. This is similar to a lot of things CNN has been doing with their programming the last decade or two, since about 1993-94. First, they introduced WROLD SPORT with all kinds of Brits talking soccer, rugby and other world sports, instead of the program Sports Late Night which covered more US sports & highlights. Since then, WORLD SPORT has moved to more and more focus on Premier League (England) soccer and other European leagues and only inserting USA sports highlights when some big event is covered or some scandal happens. Also, they have inserted mostly English or Aussie reporters for the program. Other programs for headline news, economics, documentaries, etc., are also more and more reported by Brits or Aussie reporters, some good and some bad. I wonder if it is an economic choice or international viewer choice in relation to reporters and content. I think the worst of the reporters for CNN Int’l. are Becky Anderson (who is terribly annoying altogether!), the short-haired blond reporter I call CNN SPORTS SPICE in world sport, and Richard Quest…I think a person can only handle so much of these 3 in a period of a week. Also, like many news companies lately, reporters and not TRUE reporters as much as only news readers, and they often screw-up reading, ask idiotic questions, or do not prepare themselves well enough for an interview or study subject content well enough. That may be the fault of producers as well. Some News broadcasters are better than others and some are just right out ridiculous in what they “think” they know. News and reporting is NOTHING like the days of Walter Cronkite or others like him. There is so much more to say about all of this, but I have perhaps already said too much. Good luck to all who read this and feel they wish to respond, as they feel. Take care, all!

  25. Maggie Lake is sorely missed. The comments above say it all – and I happily repeat: impossible to watch First Move, dont feel like I am getting the type of analysis that Maggie Lake provided. Maggie had informed guests, and was very informed herself. Dont like Ms. Chatterley’s simpering at the camera. Yes, Becky Anderson and Richard Quest are shows I often have turn off, and it is not about accents on my part. CNN international is my go to news channel, but I have to seek another financial news source??? !!! Bring Maggie back – please?

  26. I am very sad to see Maggie Lake go. She was an excellent anchor. I appreciated her knowledge, professionalism, and maturity. I haven’t found another news program that matches her professionalism and quality.

  27. Chatterley had a bad start but I really enjoy watching her now. At first I missed Maggie but now I think CNN made a good move. Many other CNN shows I can no longer watch because the news anchors have turned into commentators which I find to be very unprofessional

  28. I am sorry to read that so many readers/viewers are disappointed with CNN, and maybe they have just cause with the release of Maggie Lake, however, personally I love CNN. The shows that I favour are Anderson Cooper 360, Cuomo Prime Time and CNN Tonight, mainly because of the panels they host. I am also a great fan of Christiane Amanpour and believe it or not, of Richard Quest whose “englishness” I do trust.

  29. What makes Chatterley hard to watch is her unbridled self-consciousness, playing to the camera, in our faces, up our noses. Her lack of subtlety undermines her credibility.

    And why are all her dresses cut from the same pattern?
    Same dress in different colors?

    While she lacks Maggie Lake’s experience, Chatterley is well educated and knowledgeable.
    She has a First in Economics from the London School of Economics and began her career at Morgan Stanley.

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