CNN announces new international schedule

CNN International announced its new schedule, effective September 10: at 9am ET, new CNN hire Julia Chatterley will front First Move. The network touts it as a ast-moving show, presented live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, that will cover the latest market moves in the U.S and around the world, and look ahead to the key business stories of the day.

The International Desk and Connect the World will continue to air at 10am and 11am, respectively.

At noon ET, CNN International will be re-focusing on business news with The Express — a rebranding of Richard Quest’s Quest Express. At the New York Stock Exchange, Chatterley will join Quest to keep viewers up to date with the latest developments on the world’s markets, according to the network’s release.

At 1pm, CNN will air the new Amanpour & CompanyChristiane Amanpour’s new hour-long CNN/PBS partnership simulcast, featuring journalists Walter Isaacson, Michel Martin, Alicia Menendez and Hari Sreenivasan as contributors.

Moving forward an hour each, Hala Gorani Tonight will air at 2pm ET and Quest Means Business will air at 3pm, making way for the 4pm international simulcast of The Lead with Jake Tapper.

5pm will continue with CNN Today with Michael Holmes and Amara Walker.

Mike McCarthy, SVP of Programming and General Manager, CNN International, said: “With new shows and expanded programming, these changes will benefit our audiences enormously. Across business, current affairs, politics, culture and sport, CNN International viewers will get the complete picture, from around the world, in one place.”

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  1. I would also suggest CNN reduce some of the US programming after CNN Today (8am-11am Hong Kong time). IMO, Asia Pacific viewers would be better served by an additional hour of CNN Today, or even an Asian business show.
    While it is good having some US programming, a 3 hour block is quite significant. A 2 hour block would more manageable and enjoyable.
    I also think the 2 hour block of CNN Newsroom on weekday mornings Europe time currently presented from Atlanta would be better being presented from London, with the LA block moved to Atlanta. Seems odd having a Newsroom block presented in Los Angeles.

  2. So Wolf is out of CNNi and for some strange reason they have to move Gorani & Quest to fit in Tapper’s show. Why? Why does the world suddenly need to see Jake Tapper? They could have just had a two hour Gorani show and left Quest where he is. It looks like the second helping of the awful Amanpour has been dropped and replaced by an hour of CNN Today which is the good news. CNN Today has two presenters for a show which basically doesn’t even last more than 90 mins when added together so extending this is good.

  3. When I had a choice between Richard Quest and Jake Tapper, I always choose Richard Quest. Richard Quest is one of the most intelligent commentators on the market and the global economy, so his show at the close of the markets was fabulous. I don’t want to listen to him and the new anchor Julia Chatterley. I saw Julia on Bloomberg; she doesn’t hold a candle to Richard Quest. And why do I want to see Jake Tapper, or for that matter why does the international market want to see Jake Tapper, on CnnInternational.

    Also, I am so tired of CNN’s programs that do nothing but talk about Donald Trump. We all know Donald Trump is a horrible president, but surely there is something else happening in the world. Your a news channel; cover the news-all the news.

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