CNN promotes Brianna Keilar to 1:00pm anchor

Beginning this fall when she returns from maternity leave, CNN’s senior Washington correspondent will take over the 1:00pm hour, currently hosted by Wolf Blitzer. Blitzer will remain the anchor of The Situation Room, airing from 5:00pm-7:00pm ET.

The name of the new program and the format have not been made available yet, but it was one of many promotions that network chief Jeff Zucker announced in an employee town hall on Wednesday.

4 replies

  1. Congrats to Ms. Keilar…a rare smart move by CNN.

    I’m an old codger myself, so it’s hardly ageism for me to suggest Wolf Blitzer (CNN) and Andrea Mitchell (MSNBC) have lost a step or two and lack the energy and enthusiasm that has carried their shows for years — but no longer does, IMO.

    Seventy-two-year-old Lou Dobbs (FBN) isn’t far behind.

  2. Wolf is clearly beginning the process of winding down he is 70 now and CNN seem to be realising that they need to refresh the output, I suspect Wolf will retire after next presidential election. Brianna is one of CNN’s better anchor’s she seems to have avoided the bigheaded “I’m the star” type attitude.

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