Bill Weir brings Great Big Story to HLN with Weekend of Wonder

CNN host and executive producer of The Wonder List, Bill Weir, will be heading to HLN on this upcoming Saturday and Sunday, narrating Weekend of Wonder, a project of Great Big Story, a service which CNN controls.

As the network announced, the two-day, eight-hour marathon of videos on HLN will air with limited commercial interruption from award-winning global media company, Great Big Story.

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  1. I don’t mean to be too harsh…but if Jeff Zucker was given a truth serum who would he say was the bigger disappointment (he poached from ABC) in terms of buzz and ratings and establishing a loyal fan base?

    Was it Jake Tapper who has never really done all that well in the ratings.

    Or was it Bill Weir who most would probably agree has never really caught on?

    Did American History major Mr. Zucker just get lucky with his successes with NBC’s “Today” and the historically-based truth is he has no demonstrably special skills in evaluating talent and no real programming skills?

    You be the judge. Is he overrated?

  2. On a related note, does anyone suspect Bill Weir is a center-right Republican?

    You don’t often encounter too many Dems on TV who went to a Christian college affiliated with the Church of Christ.

    For example, former Breitbart columnist Michelle Fields, Adam Housley from Fox News and conservative commentator Paris Dennard also attended Pepperdine along with Weir.

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