CNN analyst April Ryan receives death threats, contacts FBI

Unfortunately, April Ryan isn’t the first CNN personality who has received death threats as a result of their reporting.

CNN’s political analyst revealed on air that after she asked the White House if President Trump considered resigning in the context of the raid on his attorney Michael Cohen’s office, she received death threats.

“Some are saying it was a great question — people who do not support this president. And those who are supporting this president are outraged, are angry.” Ryan said.

She revealed to Wolf Blitzer, “I’ve been getting death threats, and we’ve been calling the FBI.”

Press secretary Sarah Hucakbee Sanders said no and dismissed Ryan’s question as “absolutely ridiculous.”

“That is not illogical, irrational. It is a real question on the table that a White House does not want to deal with,” Ryan said on CNN.

The FBI didn’t comment on the potential investigation as a result of Ryan’s death threats.

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  1. Now asking questions are stupid? With answers to questions, how does one learn of what one is thinking? Is it not better to ask a question than to judge? If you do not ask a question then you are put in the position to ASSume which is the same difference of judging.

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