Christiane Amanpour confronts CNNI boss Tony Maddox over gender pay disparity

CNN International anchor and chief correspondent Christiane Amanpour took issue with her boss, CNN International managing director and executive vice president Tony Maddox, over a disparity in pay among women, in a meeting at the network’s London bureau.

After revealing CNN International had a 2.8% mean gender pay gap in favor of women but a 23.5% median gap in favor of men, Maddox said the overseas arm of CNN hadn’t been paying attention to the issue, reports BuzzFeed News, noting he was “shocked and disappointed.”

“When you look around, you see senior women here, you see senior women there, you don’t realise until it’s portrayed in this stark kind of way that you need to take a look at it. We did this because we were instructed to do it. Now we’re responding to it,” Maddox added, according to BuzzFeed.

“First and foremost the statistics are shocking not just here but around Great Britain,” Amanpour said. “One of the things they’re saying about this moment of legal requirement, it allows employees to get more of an insight, to get more transparency into the pay structure of their companies.”

Responding to questions about the report, a CNN spokesperson said in a statement to BuzzFeed: “The data shows that an overall difference in pay between men and women exists, and we need to do better. And we will.”

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