John Avlon in the New Day anchor chair?

Soon, Chris Cuomo will be leaving New Day and going to primetime with his new show, Cuomo Primetime. John Berman has been named his replacement on the morning show.

But on both Monday and Tuesday, with Cuomo off and Jim Sciutto filling in, there was a third anchor, seated off to the side, and not front and center — CNN political analyst and Daily Beast editor-in-chief John Avlon, a frequent New Day commentator.

Avlon recently sat in for Kate Bolduan on CNN International’s State of America.

And now, he’s sitting as a third New Day host?

3 replies

  1. Where does all of this leave onetime fan of conservatives Jake Tapper?

    With Cuomo getting the prime-time gig instead of him certainly Tapper must realize that he has probably plateaued at CNN and should look elsewhere if he wants a larger profile. His poorly rated Sunday show — not unlike his Sunday show sub-hosting on ABC — is not exactly a ratings dynamo.

    The clip I saw from Sunday sounded more like a Fox News report on Laura Ingraham than a CNN report. Does Tapper have his eyes on a switch to FNC a la Ed Henry? Or was he just trying to pander to some Fox News viewers so they would watch his show?

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