Bianca Nobilo joins CNN Today

Bianca Nobilo, who worked previously out of CNN London as a writer and producer, recently appeared anchoring weekend editions of CNN Newsroom out of the CNN Center.

Now, Nobilo has a (temporary) long-term assignment: she’ll be hosting CNN Today alongside veteran anchor Michael Holmes while co-anchor Amara Walker takes time off for her maternity leave.

4 thoughts on “Bianca Nobilo joins CNN Today

  1. I guess it must be tough though, stepping into “CNN Today” Michael and Amara have worked together for a long time 6 days a week. They are going to be more relaxed and know each others ticks and trips.

    Bianca has nailed it, a few days in and she’s as natural as most CNN International hosts. But you DO notice it when you get other anchors covering.

    Studios are strange places, talk back constantly in your ear, Autoscript, lights, cameras and live throws. Top respect to all the guys out front. Not an easy job I’ve tried and died!

    My favourite is Richard Quest, great attitude with a good dose of light hearted banter. Hala Gorani is superb!

    Of the Domestic US CNN Anchors, Kate Bolduan is fun to watch, Wolf and Anderson Cooper of course!!

    But CNN and CNN International are completely different beasts. CNNI Is excellent for world news. I was really weirded out when I was in the U.S. switching on CNN for the first time and it was pretty awful (recognised a few anchors but that was the only similarity.)

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