Kate Bolduan returns to work on April 9

A wide variety of CNN talent has filled in for Kate Bolduan on her maternity leave for CNN International’s State of America. This week, Canadian correspondent Paula Newton will fill in; next week, senior Congressional correspondent Manu Raju has been tapped to anchor for the week; and for the following week, CNN analyst John Avlon wil make a return to hosting the program, as announced by Bolduan’s executive producer, Jason Morrell.

And then, after Avlon — Bolduan returns from maternity leave on April 9 to take over hosting duties of CNN Domestic’s At This Hour and CNN International’s State of America.

4 replies

  1. Either Fox News (surprisingly to some) is the most generous with maternity leave.
    Or it is left up to the mother.

    To wit:
    ABC’s Sara Haines – 11 or 12 weeks leave
    FNC’s Abby Huntsman – 19 weeks
    CNN’s Kate Bolduan – 16 weeks

    Hopefully Kate returns without the baggage attributed to her before she went on leave…e.g., reports of being rude, explosive, snapping at people on set and just being overbearing.

  2. Do NOT put her back on AIR unless u want TRP’s to completely nosedive. She was such an annoying person to watch on TV that i actually thought she got fired for such BS performance n producers finally had it with her. Her coming back is heart breaking, let her be in the back office pls

  3. Neo V I couldn’t disagree more. She has a great personality for TV: as much of a cliche as it might be, she seems “like a real person.” Very forthright when the situation calls for it.

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