Christiane Amanpour’s CNN sex show debuted to a modest start

It was neither a good nor bad debut episode for veteran CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour Saturday night for Sex and Love Around the World.

Amanpour, who is known more for her global analysis on CNN and for anchoring her foreign affairs program that airs on CNN International and is rebroadcast on PBS in the evenings, decided she wanted to take a break from her traditional news reporting and focus on how people make love across the world. “In this journey I wanted to find out how people, especially women, could find true love and intimacy, where sex is safe and fun, and personal happiness comes before family and filial duty.”

As for the ratings… It certainly wasn’t grand by CNN’s new series’ numbers; also debuting this month, The Kennedys opened to 395,000 25-54 demo viewers, and Pope opened with 350,000.

In comparison, Sex and Love Around the World premiered to 180,000 demo viewers, coming in second place behind Greg Gutfeld on Fox News. In total viewers, the program fell to third place with 746,000 total viewers.

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