Did Kate Bolduan just diss former co-anchor Chris Cuomo?

Two of Kate Bolduan’s former co-anchors are making big moves: Chris Cuomo is moving to primetime this spring, and John Berman is taking his seat on New Day.

Yet when former New Day co-anchor Bolduan offered her congratulations, it was only to Berman — not Cuomo. Reports indicated that Cuomo was insistent on getting her moved off of New Day, which eventually happened during her maternity leave.

She was replaced by Alisyn Camerota.

3 replies

  1. Certainly seems possible.

    The comparatively mundane Bolduan and the more energetic Cuomo were totally lacking chemistry on “New Day” — not unlike Ann Curry and Matt Lauer on “Today.”

    I try to go out of my way to defend the women in these media squabbles. But in these two instances I think CNN and NBC made the right decisions. However, I suspect most of us would agree that NBC could have handled in better.

    • Do the names Charlie Rose, Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes, Harry Reasoner, Garrison Keillor, Glenn Thrush, Matt Lauer and Mark Halperin give you a clue?

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