John Avlon to anchor State of America this week

Longtime CNN political analyst and Daily Beast editor-in-chief John Avlon is in the anchor seat this week for CNN International’s State of America as Kate Bolduan’s maternity leave continues.

The program has called upon some of CNN’s political journalists to anchor while Bolduan has been gone, as well as some of CNN’s political analysts, like Avlon and more recently, CNN’s Kirsten Powers.

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  1. Is Kate a little nervous? The last time she went on maternity leave she lost her job to Alisyn Camerota.

    Kate seems like a perfectly lovely person and is easy on the eyes.

    But how much has her lack of onscreen energy or chemistry and weak interviewing skills improved since she was replaced on “New Day” in January of 2015 after only 1.5 years.

    The poor gal suffers from the same problem as Jake Tapper, John King and Poppy Harlow. All three have a inflection-free mundane voice made for the print media. I could have never seen any of them passing the Roger Ailes screening for on-camera presence.

    Mr. Avlon replacing Ms. Bolduan would have my vote.

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