Third press conference Sarah Huckabee Sanders ignores CNN, and Jim Acosta isn’t having it

This is the third press conference that White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has passed on CNN, and chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta is done with it.

As Sanders was seen exiting the briefing podium, Acosta was heard asking, “Sarah, this is the third briefing you have not taken a question from CNN. Do you expect the Justice Department to enforce all subpoenas, Sarah?”

5 replies

  1. Maybe the White house doesn’t want free press at the same time the apprentice president thinks appointment of a president for life is a good idea??? America is really great again!

  2. Regardless of how you might feel about Jim Acosta — if it is the case that MSNBC, FNC, CBS and ABC never go three WH Daily Briefings in a row without a question — don’t you think he has a legitimate point?

    Perhaps as a lark he should show up in a John Roberts or John Gizzi disguise to further make his point. I vote for the John Gizzi option. He’s ripe for parody.

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