CNN analyst Ryan Lizza on the rebound with Rolling Stone

CNN political analyst Ryan Lizza has a parttime position — he is joining Rolling Stone magazine as a freelance reporter, Vanity Fair reports.

Vanity Fair reports that in an employee meeting, concerns were raised about how it would be perceived if Lizza were to work at Rolling Stone, and whether Lizza was ultimately a good fit, according to people familiar with the meeting. Chairman Jay Penske acknowledged that offering him a full-time job didn’t seem like the right move after he was fired by the New Yorker over allegations of sexual misconduct.

During that investigation, CNN suspended him, but subsequently lifted the ban. “Based on the information provided and the findings of the investigation, CNN has found no reason to continue to keep Mr. Lizza off the air.”

The magazine notes after Lizza was cleared by CNN, and Rolling Stone had conducted its own due diligence, the editors moved forward with freelance assignments, as originally planned. He currently has two pieces in the works for the magazine.

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  1. Coverage of someone mentally ill was wrong and insulting. Love Erin Burnett but had to turn her off. You owe your viewers a a sincere apology.

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