Camerota: Zucker lets me do journalism, unlike Ailes’ Fox News

CNN morning co-anchor of New Day, Alisyn Camerota, candidly spoke with the Daily Beast about the Parkland, Florida school shooting, and the difference between working for CNN boss Jeff Zucker and the late Fox News chief Roger Ailes.

Camerota, who had worked for Ailes for sixteen years, told the Daily Beast that at CNN, unlike at Fox, she had no direction from top management on how to approach news stories.

She said, “I got a real education at Fox from being around so many conservatives and you know, having my antenna attuned to bias, in either direction.”

Yet CNN is much better, she says. “But, obviously, the big way that it’s different is that Roger Ailes had a very particular mission statement. Roger wasn’t a journalist. Roger believed in good TV and presenting what he thought was the counterbalance to what he called ‘liberal media.’ So that’s not what journalism is. I’m just so struck every day by, now, all the stellar journalists that I work around. And it’s freeing not to have to conform to a mission statement like that.”

“Jeff Zucker is never telling me how I have to do a story or what questions I have to ask or what questions I have to not ask. Never,” she concluded, saying that Ailes did just that.

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  1. Matt Drudge has lasted for years by being very open about his own “mission statement” and attempts to link to stories presenting the alternative news stories to the so-called ‘liberal MSM.”

    I’ve never understood why Ailes (as well as his successors) did not do the same. There is no dishonor in admitting that you are presenting many of the same narratives as Mr. Drudge.

    We all know the mission. Why pretend you are any more “fair & balanced” than CNN or MSNBC. No one expects you to be.

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