“Are you serious, Mr. President?” Don Lemon asks in opening monologue

President Donald Trump is said to hate-watch CNN Tonight with Don Lemon. Trump says that isn’t true; rather, he finds Lemon to be “the dumbest man on television.”

Yet something tells me that the president will respond to Lemon’s opening monologue on Monday’s broadcast.

During the segment, Don’s Take, Lemon said, referencing the mass shooting in Florida, “You’d run in there yourself — even without a weapon? Mr. President, you have a weapon more powerful than you realize — if you choose to use it.”

Furthermore, Lemon continued, referencing the president’s comparison with golfing and a school shooting, “‘Some people can’t take their club back.’ What is the president of the United States doing comparing the pressure of being under fire in a school shooting to missing a put? Are you serious, Mr. President? Are you taking the lives of those students and teachers seriously? Are you taking all of our lives seriously?”

He ended his monologue with: “What will you actually do about guns?”

One thought on ““Are you serious, Mr. President?” Don Lemon asks in opening monologue

  1. Don Lemon is a sour Democrat who loved a Black president who could do no wrong and a female candidate for president who was corrupt and dishonest.Besides reacting hysterically to every breath Trump takes we get nothing but juvenile reactions from Lemon but no serious analysis.PC on news gives no insights other than of the person speaking.

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