CNN London bureau chief to staffers: Calm down around the celebs

Actress Jennifer Lawrence visited the CNN London newsroom during her trip. Sources tell BuzzFeed News that CNN staffers may have freaked out a little.

CNN brass was apparently embarrassed by the incident.

CNN bureau chief Tommy Evans and London editor Krsna Harilela asked journalists to please calm down around the celebrities in an internal memo obtained by BuzzFeed.

“The guest traffic in the London bureau has increased and at times, we are graced with the presence of high profile athletes, celebrities and politicians,” the memo read.

“This can be exciting for all of us but let’s remember we need to provide an environment where our guests feel comfortable about coming in and sharing their thoughts and views. The impression they leave with, about their experience, is what determines whether they come back or not. We want them to remember CNN London bureau for the professional environment that it is and to come back.”

“Furthermore, let’s be cautious with what you share on social media as there are times where the agents negotiate specific details around appearances of the celebrities and it could also be a breach of security arrangements made by the guest.”

When reached for comment by BuzzFeed, CNN didn’t offer any.

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