Is Ken Cuccinelli the next to get canned at CNN?

The Hollywood Reporter highlighted conservative political and legal commentator Ken Cuccinelli most recent dismissive remark made of a fellow CNN contributor, which poses the question: is Cuccinelli the next analyst to be dismissed?

Trump-backing commentator Ed Martin was fired by CNN, and although no specific reason was given, he also spoke negatively of fellow CNN commentators.

Cuccinelli told CNN contributor Ana Navarro, “I’m sick and tired of listening to your shrill voice in my ears” on Tuesday’s CNN Tonight. Lemon admonished Cuccinelli for his remarks of Navarro: “I don’t think she’s shrill,” he said. “Come on, Ken.”

In August, Cuccinelli told Symone Sanders, a CNN contributor, to “shut up for a minute and let me finish.” Chris Cuomo, who was hosting the segment, said, “Ken, you don’t want to use language like that when you’re talking to Symone. … We don’t talk to people like that on this show.”

At the time, Sanders was diplomatic, and told The Hollywood Reporter that she “won’t have a problem speaking up” were she to be matched up against Cuccinelli on the air again.

A spokesperson for CNN has not responded to The Hollywood Reporter’s question about Cuccinelli’s Tuesday night comments, and did not respond when asked about his treatment of Sanders last summer.

2 thoughts on “Is Ken Cuccinelli the next to get canned at CNN?

  1. I remember seeing him on the the O’Reilly Factor as well — years ago.
    A Google search indicates as far back as 2012.
    Didn’t particularly like him then either.

    Are their no Trump supporters CNN can hire that are more pleasant and amenable to the audience aside from commentators like Ken Cuccinelli, Ed Martin, Rick Santorum, Jason Miller and Ari Fleischer. It’s like Zucker goes out of his way to find GOP analysts that annoy his audience,

    I know they’re capable. In the past they’ve hired Jack Kingston, Jeffrey Lord, Ben Ferguson, Matt Lewis and Kayleigh McEnany. IMO most of the time they could disagree without being disagreeable.

    On the flip side — over at Fox News — I guess you could say the same (to a lesser extent). Marie Harf seems to annoy a lot of their viewers.

  2. Just to be clear I am referring to GOP commentators who are Trump supporters.
    Not the many other Republicans on CNN who are not — like Mary Katharine Ham, Margaret Hoover, Amanda Carpenter and Tara Setmayer.

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