Judge dismisses $50mil discrimination lawsuit against CNN, Turner, Time Warner

A district court judge has dismissed Dewayne Walker’s $50 million racial discrimination lawsuit against CNN, Turner Broadcasting, and Time Warner, reports Deadline Hollywood.

Of the nine positions noted in Walker’s lawsuit, he was not eligible for seven of them, both courts found. An eighth, Story said in his order filed Monday, CNN proved it had met its “burden of articulating a legitimate, non-discriminatory reason for selecting” another candidate for the job.

As for the ninth position, Story said “Plaintiff concedes that he did not apply for this position. He has not argued that it would have been futile for him to apply. As a result, Defendants are entitled to summary judgment on this failure-to-promote claim.”

“For the reasons stated above, Plaintiffs objections are OVERRULED, and the Court hereby approves and adopts the Report and Recommendation [Doc. No. 122] as the opinion and order of this Court. Defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment [Doc. No. 82] is GRANTED.”

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