The Van Jones Show continues this Saturday with Meghan McCain

The Van Jones Show is back again this Saturday at 7pm, and this time, host Van Jones’ guest for the hour will be conservative commentator Meghan McCain, daughter of Senator John McCain.

McCain previously served as a Fox News host, and is currently serving as a co-host of ABC’s The View.

According to CNN, the McCain is joining Van to “discuss the state of partisan political clashes, her father’s brave cancer battle, and her take on the first year of the Trump presidency.”

President Trump reacted to the first episode of The Van Jones Show, which had special guest Jay-Z, via Twitter. There’s a chance he’ll respond to McCain’s appearance as well, given that he has attacked McCain in the past for being a war hero, saying that “I like people who weren’t captured.”

3 thoughts on “The Van Jones Show continues this Saturday with Meghan McCain

  1. MM booked on GMA more than once.
    MM also booked for a guest spot with Stephen Colbert.
    Now MM is booked with Van Jones.

    I actually take no issue with any of these. But it does beg the question (in my humble mind at least), “Is ‘The View’ doing a PR campaign to counteract the brutal criticism (unlike her predecessor – the more likable Jedediah Bila) Meghan has been receiving on Twitter and elsewhere.
    Combative – angry – humorless – smug – entitled – rich bitch – terminal mean girl — are just a few that I’ve see.

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