With Don Lemon off the air, Erin Burnett steps in for him as the Dow falls to historic low

As CNN Tonight anchor Don Lemon continues his leave following the accidental drowning of his older sister, tonight, OutFront anchor Erin Burnett sat in for him on Monday.

On Thursday and Friday, anchors Anderson Cooper and Jake Tapper filled in for Lemon.

But with CNN tapping Burnett to fill in on CNN Tonight on Monday, I must say, who better to fill in for him — other than perhaps chief business correspondent and Early Start anchor Christine Romans — than Burnett? Burnett, when hired by the network, was given the title chief business and economics correspondent, and came from CNBC, where she covered biz news.

With the Dow “plunging” 1,175 points, the worst decline in history, who better to sit in the chair than her?

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  1. We all miss and love Don Lemon and honor his privacy now. Hope when he recovers from the sad loss of his sister and when he is feeling better and is able to return to his show, he will be welcomed back on the air.

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