Cuomo Primetime comes to an end

Now that January has come and gone, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo’s “limited run” primetime series focusing on President Trump’s first year in office has come to a conclusion.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter to promote Cuomo Primetime, when asked if this was a trial run (and this is the second go around that the show has aired), Cuomo replied, “I have no ambition beyond what I’m doing right now [anchoring New Day].”

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4 replies

  1. Last I checked Cuomo was holding his own against Cooper in the demo ratings.

    Even barely beating Cooper the last two times they both aired on the same night.

    Pretty decent booking of guests from the Trump White House — and the video clips I saw at Mediaite were at least entertaining and respectful in tone for the most part.

    But then again I couldn’t have been that impressed if I never set my DVR for his show. 🙂

  2. The client waived the privilege and then misrepresented what appears on the tape thereby waving any privilege.

  3. I’d come to look upon Cuomo\s show as a regular feature and am very disappointed it’s gone. He was a good fit with Cooper and Lemon and will be missed by viewers I’m sure!

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