Breaking news? Chris Cuomo goes to as many as THREE gyms

This is CNN breaking news… New Day and Cuomo Primetime anchor Chris Cuomo goes to not one, not two, but THREE gyms to work out!

Okay, so assuming you’re rolling your eyes like I am (which, you are) — who the heck cares?

A few weeks ago, The New York Times’ style vertical did a puff piece on the CNN anchor that I chose to ignore, highlighting how Cuomo looks buff without bodybuilding.

“My day is a lot of the grind and motivation for the grind,” he told the Times.

Fast-forward a few weeks, and the New York Post’s Page Six has a nothingburger on Cuomo: he doesn’t just go to one or two gyms, but a third, as well!

“CNN’s ultrafit anchor Chris Cuomo needs more than one or two gyms to stay in tiptop shape. Cuomo, who recently told the NY Times that he trains at CrossFit or Asphalt Green, is often seen at the Equinox on Columbus Avenue at 67th Street,” reports the Post.

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