Surprise: HLN’s Ashleigh Banfield gets married over the holidays

HLN’s Crime & Justice anchor Ashleigh Banfield threw a surprise for all of her guests. As PEOPLE Magazine reports, guests thought they were attending Banfield’s 50th birthday party — but in actuality, they were attending her wedding to her boyfriend of three years, Chris Haynor.

According to the HLN host, she slipped away to change into her gown — and no one knew what was happening. At 5 p.m., the wedding march began to play. Banfield, accompanied by her two sons, walked down the lodge’s grand staircase.

Haynor unzipped his ski jacket and was wearing a suit underneath. “When everyone realized what was happening, they started to cheer,” Banfield tells PEOPLE.

“I wanted this to be relaxed. I didn’t want to be stressed.”

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