Brooke Baldwin launches series American Woman

As CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin teased during CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage alongside Don Lemon, today she launched a digital series, the American Woman.

The eight-part series profiles women who have shattered ceilings in different industries. Through interviews, Baldwin explores their lives, careers, personal setbacks and all the hurdles these women overcame to accomplish their dreams, notes Variety.

After covering President Trump’s inauguration, Baldwin says she pitched her bosses at CNN on a project that would tell women’s stories. “This needs to be the Year of the Woman for me,” she says she told executives.

“I needed to fill my soul,” she told Variety. “And this project ended up being exactly that for me this year.”

One thought on “Brooke Baldwin launches series American Woman

  1. A narrow discussion of American women would not do justice to accomplishments and contributions to Western society by women throughout western civilization.This narrow view will not educate women in America, regardless of color,which seems to be an obsession of the post racial America, to understand the difference of women’s development in Western civilization and Islamic societies.But we do not want to go there considering our blindness to differences.In Iran women demonstrate against the oppression of the hijab while in America “liberated”women wear it because it sets them free and they are proud to be inferior to men as written in the Quran

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