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Staff couldn’t be happier that Kate Bolduan is on maternity leave (report)

A new report out from RadarOnline, citing sources, says that while CNN’s At This Hour and CNN International’s State of America anchor Kate Bolduan had her last day on Friday to prepare for maternity leave, CNN staff couldn’t be happier.

“Staffers and crew couldn’t be happier,” one of the gossip site’s sources said.

“This pregnancy has been the worst — she has been rude and at times explosive to everyone in her path.”

Of course, during her last maternity leave, she lost her gig on New Day and was replaced by Alisyn Camerota.

“She seems very unhappy most days snapping at people on set and just being overbearing.”

According to our own sources, Dana Bash, Joe Johns, Paula Newton and John King are slated to fill-in for her on State of America.


2 Comments on Staff couldn’t be happier that Kate Bolduan is on maternity leave (report)

  1. Yeah, god forbid a woman going through an intensely uncomfortable, hormonal experience, AND who has proven reason to worry about her job security, show some human emotion at times. No, it’s not cool to snap at coworkers, but come on, coworkers. A pregnant woman who was already punished once for having a child and who is dealing with hormones on top of stress gets a pass from me.

  2. Ashley have you seen the way she has been treating guests on the show in the last few weeks its a disgrace just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you can start mistreating your colleagues, she should be taken to one side and be given a reality check by her bosses, she is unprofessional. Pregnancy is not a licence to treat anyone how you wish.

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