Chris Cuomo is going back to primetime in January

In January, anchor Chris Cuomo is returning to primetime (with the aptly-named Cuomo Prime Time) at the 9:00pm slot, running for a few weeks as “special programming the network is launching around Pres. Trump’s first full year in office,” reports TVNewser.

In addition to Cuomo Prime Time, he will still appear alongside Alisyn Camerota in the mornings on New Day.

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  1. I’m currently watching Cuomo Prime Time and it blows. Cuomo is no better at night than he is in the morning. He can’t let someone talk and he’s more narcissistic than Trump. I’m going back to watching reruns of Salvage Dawgs.

  2. Just my humble opinion… Anderson Cooper is the network’s most effective host – for listening responsively, thinking on his feet during the show, preparing & thinking analytically in order to ask meaningful questions prior to airtime, accommodating a variety of commenters and their comments, and editorialising without needing to shelter his ego.

    Speaking of which, as I watch Chris Cuomo just now, the only thing giving Anthony Scaramucci a fighting chance is that he’s just as pushy. Just now, in fact (20min into the premiere), they’ve said as much about each other; Cuomo has even just now said, “That’s my job” (ie, being talkative). Evidently, he believes his Prime Time show is not about interviews or edifying the audience, but about Cuomo and all things Cuomo. Pardon the pun, but his remark speaks for itself. He asks and does not listen. He asks and asks some more, and asks again, and asks and pivots and asks and asks and doesn’t listen because he doesn’t want to hear an answer but only wants a chance to jump on the response to trap his guest in the “Gotcha!” spirit of … idk … Mike Wallace?

    Funny that it’s AC who moonlights at 60 Minutes. AC is a host who actually “hosts,” and he presents a show that contains substantive discussions, occasional fireworks, and always a sense of general order. Genial perhaps, but CC seems more simply in love with himself and his didactic superiority, and he’s not a host but something closer to a preacher – what comprises his scripture? I’m sure it’s as simple as uttering your opening thoughts, sitting back while you’re interrupted, and listening to CC tell you and tell you and tell you what to think. Then again, it’s hard to be humble when you’re perfect in every way.

  3. I’m a great fan of Cuomo, so was delighted to see Cuomo Primetime appear. After two episodes, however, I’m greatly disappointed, principally because CC let himself be sucked into unrestrained interruption and incomprehensible talking-over. It seemed very childish — definitely not illuminating or informative. At his best, CC is a bit too full of himself but very talented and insightful. This was not CC at his best. In fact, it was awful — unwatchable.

  4. I want Anderson Cooper!!! He is the best. No Anderson no more CNN for me. And no information anywhere about why Anderson has been replaced. Very upset, he is the voice of reason and gives me hope…

  5. He is doing nothing that no other lawyer would do, they ask questions and they question what you answer and when you misstate something they let you know when you first say it and he has only had a couple of shows but kudos to him for not letting that Anthony guy bully him, all of Trumps people try to.

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